The Intern Perspective

I went walking into a job fair, hosted by my university, expecting only to gather information about companies and their expectations of employment. This mere investigation of the credibility of my competencies led me to meeting Tom and Jenny.  Their enthusiasm for Balluff was infiltrating my front of being a cool, calm, collected young adult ready to take on responsibilities within the world of engineering.  The conversation came to close but I was so enthused by my new acquaintances that I couldn’t stop smiling the remainder of the day.

It wasn’t long until I got a phone call, an interview, and a job as a marketing intern. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s my first ‘big girl’ job or otherwise, but it was semi-difficult keeping my “cool” when I saw my name on a cubicle and business cards. I still tend to get giddy over it all.

As with any other job, the first few days were all awash with company policy and procedure.  I couldn’t help but ask questions for the entirety of my training sessions with product specialists and managers, Balluff just has so much knowledge and product to offer. My first task began: classifying wires. This thrilling activity became somewhat of a proud hidden talent: “choose a wire, any wire, and I’ll classify it for you,” my friends thought I went crazy but it’s seriously assisting me in my current semester coursework.  I say: fair trade.

Inherently, I began seizing every sporadic opportunity to take part in hands-on application and began expressing my desire for more. My deviation from classification arose with Powerpoint and picture-taking. Then, the incredible I/O link and conveyor trade show demos fell from marketing hierarchy into my workspace! I went from spreadsheet specialist to an investigating, designing, planning, negotiating, and critical thinking machine.

In essence: mechanical manufacturing engineering technologist heaven. 

Brittany helping with the new conveyor demo for 2011 PackExpo

I feel more like an apprentice than an intern. Within the next week, the final testing will occur, necessary alterations will be made, and the conveyor and panel demos will be shipping to Vegas for the trade shows. I couldn’t be happier about this opportunity. Balluff has a remarkable team of highly motivated and intelligent individuals. It definitely shows within the quality of our presentations, customer service, and intern advancement. 

Conversations with fellow collegiate interns shed light on Balluff in the manufacturing world. We’re known by each individual I’ve spoken with.  My favorite thing about it is: Balluff is a company to assist in the manifestation and quality of product manufacturing. We’re here to help make life simpler, more productive, and to reduce error. It’s something similar to manufacturing philanthropy.

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