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Quick field replacement for linear sensor electronics

When maintenance technicians replace linear position sensors (also known as probes or wands) from hydraulic cylinders, it can leave a terrible mess, waste hydraulic oils, and expose the individual to harmful hot fluids.  Also, the change out process can expose … Continue reading

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Utility-Scale Power from Wind Requires High Reliability

The 2010 Windpower Expo & Conference in Dallas, held recently at the end of May, was a hotbed of technical and commercial activity this year. I had not attended the “Wind Show” since 2004, and I was amazed at the explosive growth of the event and overall industry in just six short years. This was a very substantial gathering, with about 1,400 exhibitors and 20,000 attendees. Continue reading

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Linear Position Sensor Output Types – Which do I choose?

Linear position sensors are available with a variety of different output signal types to suit various application requirements and control architectures. Let’s take a look at three of the most common output signal types for linear position sensors; 1) analog, 2) time-based digital, and 3) serial digital, and discuss some of the pros and cons of each. Continue reading

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