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Smart IO-Link Sensors for Smart Factories

Digitizing the production world in the age of Industry 4.0 increases the need for information between the various levels of the automation pyramid from the sensor/actuator level up to the enterprise management level. Sensors are the eyes and ears of … Continue reading

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IMTS 2016 Review: IO-Link Enables Industry 4.0 Installations

We have been talking about IO-Link for a long time.  The benefits to manufacturers like “hot-swapping” a smart device.  One of the benefits for machine builder is reducing commissioning time.  So it was not surprising to me to find IO-Link on the exhibit floor … Continue reading

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A Simple Way to Improve Speed and Efficiency

We are all efficiency-hungry. We want everything from service in restaurants to production on our plant done efficiently. Sometimes we use the term “speed” interchangeably with efficiency. Is that really a big deal? Of course it is.  How many times … Continue reading

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IO-Link is the USB for Industrial Automation

I’ve recently heard this comparison used a number of times and the parallels are quite interesting.  USB was designed to help standardize a dizzying array of connectors and configurations of supplementary devices that developed during the age of the Compaq vs IBM. … Continue reading

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3 Production Problems Solved by Intelligent Sensors

In typical sensors all you get is ON or OFF… we just hope and assume that the prox is working, until something doesn’t work properly.  The part is seated but the sensor doesn’t fire or the operator can’t get their machine … Continue reading

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You can be doing MORE with Your Sensors!

Recently Hank Hogan published an article in Control Design titled “Sensor, Diagnose Thyself.”  (To be honest, I really wanted to steal his title for my blog entry.)   I think Hank did a great job dissecting the key benefits of smart sensors … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Communicate with Smart Sensors

When I am discussing with customers the use smart sensors and smart devices in industrial automation, I always get posed with these questions:

How do the smart sensors interface with the controller?
How do you configure the device?
How do you get diagnostics out of it?
What other information can it provide? Continue reading

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Add Value with Smart Linear Position Sensors

Way back when (in the sensor world, “way back when” = about 10 years), linear position sensors had to do only one thing: provide linear position feedback. But these days, merely sensing linear position is not always enough. In order to meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated applications, linear position sensors sometimes need to be able to provide advanced functionality. Listed below are just a few of the advanced features that some of today’s linear position sensors offer. Continue reading

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