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Back to the Basics: How Do I Wire a DC 2-wire Sensor?

In one of my previous post we covered “How do I wire my 3-wire sensors“. This topic has had a lot of interest so I thought to myself, this would be a great opportunity to add to that subject and … Continue reading

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When is a Weld Field Immune Sensor Needed?

When the topic of welding comes up we know that our application is going to be more challenging for sensor selection. Today’s weld cells typically found in tier 1 and tier 2 automotive plants are known to have hostile environments … Continue reading

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Do’s and Don’ts For Applying Inductive Prox Sensors

In my last post (We Don’t Make Axes Out of Bronze Anymore) we discussed the evolution of technologies which brought up the question, can a prox always replace a limit switch?  Not always.  Note that most proxes cannot directly switch … Continue reading

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We Don’t Make Axes Out of Bronze Anymore

Every technology commonly in use today exists for a reason.   Technologies have life cycles: they are invented out of necessity and are often widely used as the best available solution to a given technical problem.  For example, at one time … Continue reading

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Visit Automation Tradeshows for Free!

I am experiencing the future of tradeshows; a networking & educational conference without the travel, the expense, and the suit! I can sit at my desk and make contact with future vendors and customers. Continue reading

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Are Limit Switches Obsolete?

Being the “product guy” for mechanical or limit switches I am often told that I have the obsolete products. Well I am here to say that mechanicals are still around and definitely have their place in automation. Mechanical switches, at … Continue reading

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Save Space with Miniature Rectangular Proximity Sensors

Historically the most popular selling housing style for an inductive proximity sensor has been the tubular style.  The more popular sizes tend to be M8, M12, M18 and M30.  Smaller tubular sizes of 3 mm, 4 mm, M5, and 6.5 mm are … Continue reading

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Inductive Proximity Sensors for Special Applications

Inductive proximity sensors can be used in a variety of applications. Many special use inductive sensors exist in the market, but you have to be aware these unique models are available. An overview article addressing this topic was just published in Design World Magazine. Continue reading

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Inductive Sensor Protection and Positioning Made Easy – Use a Prox Mount

“Downtime” is never a good word in any manufacturing facility. It means something has malfunctioned or broken, parts are not being made, production is reduced, and money is being lost. In some cases this downtime may be caused by a physically damaged inductive proximity sensor. If this failure mode is happening on a regular basis to the same location, it may be time to look at the advantages a prox mount can provide. Continue reading

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Capacitive Sensors – Part III

The general sensing principle across this myriad of applications is nearly the same. As seen in last months post, the total amount of capacitance, as we remember, the ability to store a charge within an electrostatic field, depends on mainly three factors. Those factors are the ones which determine the success of your application. Continue reading

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