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Increase Competitiveness with RFID in the Intralogistics Industry

In times of globalization and high labor costs it is a challenge to increase competitiveness in the fashion industry. Within a warehouse, an RFID system supports a high degree of automation as well as short transport distances. To supply dealers and … Continue reading

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Stop Industrial Network Failures With One Simple Change

It’s the worst when a network goes down on a piece of equipment.  No diagnostics are available to help troubleshooting and all communication is dead.  The only way to find the problem is to physically and visually inspect the hardware … Continue reading

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Machine Mount I/O: Get out of the Cabinet

In April, Jim Montague of Control Design wrote an interesting article on Machine Mount I/O entitled “Machine-Mount I/O Go Everywhere.” I think the article makes some very good points as to the value of why someone wants to move from inside an enclosure or controls cabinet to mounting I/O products directly on the machine.

He summarizes, with the help of a number of industry experts, the below points: Continue reading

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Intelligent Interfaces and IO-Link Innovation

I recently had the opportunity to attend Hannover Fair in Germany and was blown away by the experience… buildings upon buildings of automation companies doing amazing things and helping us build our products faster, smarter and cheaper.  One shining topic for … Continue reading

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Industrial Network Basics: Simplifying I/O Terminology

There are many terms used for I/O technology in industrial automation: Remote I/O, Distributed I/O, Modular I/O, Expandable I/O, Block I/O, Conventional I/O and the list can go on. What do they all mean? Can they be used interchangeably? What is the difference?

You have to think about it two ways:

Where is the I/O located on the machine?
How is the I/O collected from the machine? Continue reading

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Defining Your Next Network Architecture: Topologies and Global Standard

As many machine builders, OEMs, individual plants, and large corporations decide to move from the “bus” to the “net” (Profibus or DeviceNet to Profinet or EtherNet/IP) they have a chance to look at all the new architectures available and decide on which … Continue reading

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How Ethernet Works… for Dummies

I recently watched a short webinar recorded by the PI North America organization and it really helped me understand the basics of how ethernet communication comes together. There are so many protocols and standards and they all communicate on the same media. Carl and Hunter do a good job presenting ethernet in a technical but easy to understand way. Continue reading

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Where does IO-Link go in 2011?

As I sit and ponder what 2011 will look like, only one thought comes to mind, the endless possibilities of IO-Link. I have written many entries on IO-Link and as I see it there are much more to come.  Why … Continue reading

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Methods to set IP Addresses in an I/O device – Which is best?

As Industrial Ethernet Networks become more popular in automation applications, the question arises, what is the best method to set an IP Address in an I/O device? Here are a few to consider:

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Using IO-Link on an existing network; Add scalability to your application

“I already have an existing network (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, CC-Link, etc…) so why would I be interested in an IO-Link enhancement?”

The answer is simple, instant SCALABILITY!
Continue reading

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