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The Human Body as an Analogy for Automation

A machine’s automation system operates very much like the human body. Just as we humans perceive our surroundings using our sensory organs, a machine registers its surroundings using presence sensors, input devices, and measuring systems. It continually receives status information … Continue reading

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Looking for some excellent online resources? Read this!

I was trying to locate some information on capacitive sensors so naturally, I turned to the World Wide Web to see what I could find. As I was looking through the search engine results, I found a link to Sensors … Continue reading

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Add Value with Smart Linear Position Sensors

Way back when (in the sensor world, “way back when” = about 10 years), linear position sensors had to do only one thing: provide linear position feedback. But these days, merely sensing linear position is not always enough. In order to meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated applications, linear position sensors sometimes need to be able to provide advanced functionality. Listed below are just a few of the advanced features that some of today’s linear position sensors offer. Continue reading

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