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Not all IO-Link Masters are Born Equal!

IO-Link as a standard for device level communication has been around for over a decade. It has started gaining huge momentum in the Americas with 60-70% growth in IO-Link integration in 2017 alone (awaiting official numbers from the IO-Link consortium). … Continue reading

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One M12 Port = Endless Possibilities

Paradigm shifts in automation are always occurring. The need for cost savings and higher diagnostics caused the shift from IP20 I/O to IP67 I/O. Now, we are in the midst of a shift to reduce or eliminate enclosures in industrial applications by removing control and power from the cabinet. With the reduction of IP20 I/O and enclosures, adding more I/O (discrete and analog) or specialty devices (RF identification, measurement devices, etc…) is now more difficult. In the past it was relatively easy, but expensive, to add another “slice” of I/O to an existing IP20 solution. Continue reading

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Get Rid of Remote I/O Cabinets Once and For All

Every time I travel, customers tell me, “we just wire everything into a box.” Equipment designers go through a phase of their design process where they need to decide how their I/O gets from their sensors and their valves to their controller. Some people use I/O cards on their PLC, or networks with IP20 solutions inside remote I/O cabinets. Continue reading

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