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5 Ways Flexible Manufacturing has Never Been Easier

Flexible manufacturing has never been easier or more cost effective to implement, even down to lot-size-one, now that IO-Link has become an accepted standard. Fixed control and buried information is no longer acceptable. Driven by the needs of IIoT and … Continue reading

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Flexibility: A Key to success in manufacturing

My ol’ ball coaches used to say: “be ready for anything”, “we have to make changes on the fly”, “we can’t be one dimensional”.  They all could have summed it by saying: “you gotta be flexible”. They all had it … Continue reading

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Automatic Size Change on a Budget – Part 1

Increasingly, flexible manufacturing systems are being employed to allow the same equipment to produce a variety of different products, depending on demand. The key to the economic success of these systems is keeping changeover time to a minimum. Short changeover times mean more average production per hour and a smaller economical lot size. The time spent changing over a machine is part of what is called planned downtime. Planned downtime, if left unmanaged, can become a real sap on overall productivity. Continue reading

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