Error-proofing in Window Mode – Ultrasonic Sensing

In my previous post, I talked about Ultrasonic Sensors utilizing reflected mode. Window mode is an extension of the reflective mode setting. When the sensor is set up in window mode the sensor is only activated when the object target is located within the detection limit setting defined within the detection range of the sensor. So, for example a sensor that has 65…350mm operating range could be set up to see a target within 100…150mm. This mode is commonly used when target sizes require wider tolerances or size such as detecting tall to short targets or simply detecting the correct size of the target. Additionally, if the sensor selected offers an Analog output you can receive output within the new defined window.

Window Mode settings are also great for error-proofing applications as you can detect the In-Order target within the defined window setting and reject the Not-In-Order target as it will fall outside the two detection points. The example below shows an Ultrasonic Sensor set up in window mode. As you can see the sensor is set up by defining two points a beginning point and ending point. This will provide a valid output for a target within the set window. Any target outside the window will not be detected at this point.


Ultrasonic sensor in window mode
Ultrasonic sensor in window mode

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