Sacrificing for the Greater Good

Environments with debris and caustic agents, wear down equipment exponentially. When a cell goes down, every minute counts to get production up and running.  An accessory like a cordset is important for operations, and can frustrate technicians when it fails. Cordsets do not last forever in this environment and to help save money, time and work, we came up with the concept of a “sacrificial cable.” The basic idea is to install a double-ended cable under 2 meters to help in situations where cables are placed in surroundings which will destroy the cable.  A sacrificial cable’s main function is to save time reducing cable replacement downtime and money.

Sacrifice Cordset Solution: Used in extremely rugged applications to reduce cordset replacement downtime


A sacrificial cable does not have to be a specialty cable with a custom jacket; it could just be a 1 meter PVC cable that will get changed out often. The idea is that by placing a sacrificial cable in a problematic area and connecting it to a longer length cable this will allow maintenance to have a shorter down time when changing out failures less.  This is accomplished with travel around the cell following a cable run and less maintenance expense in labor.

Cordsets run throughout a work cell, and once cordset needs to be replaced it takes time to reconnect especially when the cable needs to be untangled from cable trays run around the machines. Reducing the amount of time involved in an exchange, reduces cost.  By having a sacrificial cable in place, there is short time involved to have the connection repaired in the machinery.

Companies keep spare parts to help reduce downtime. Cordsets are an inventory item like extra screws. It is easier to keep a few extra when the cables need to be changed out. Keeping shorter length cables in stock takes up less space, less expense compared to longer length cables.

The idea behind sacrificial cables is simple; it is a short length cable installed in an application that is being changed out often. Just to recap, sacrificial cables are less than 2 meters in length. They can be any type of cable. The applications are in places with rugged environments. It makes sense to stock sacrificial cables because they save money and time.

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