Automated Assembly Lines Are Shrinking

There is a common trend in the market for smaller more efficient assembly machines. Machine builders and end users are challenged with faster moving, smaller production lines that require smaller sensors and brackets. Balluff has a compete line up of miniaturized sensors. Let’s take a look below of a common challenge for high acceleration machine movement and how miniature sensors can provide a solution.

 miniappCustomer Demands: 

  • Anything mounted to the moving mechanism must be low mass
  • Added mass reduces acceleration  capability of a given motor and drive system
  • Added mass increases motor and drive size requirements to meet acceleration specs (cycle times) driving cost up
  • Large motors increase energy consumption which makes the machine less competitive in the market (less efficient)
  • Conventional sensors and brackets are much too heavy (and usually…too large) to meet this challenge


  • minipennyIncredibly miniaturized, self – contained inductive sensors
  • Miniature size = inherently low mass
  • Corresponding tiny brackets = inherently low mass
  • Totally self – contained electronics = zero space taken up by separate amplifier or electronics
  • Miniaturization of sensors allow installation in compact tooling where previously nothing would fit
  • Enhances the level of machine automation/control that customers can achieve for their machines

Stay tuned for more information on how other sensor technologies can be implemented into smaller assembly machines. For more information on mini sensors, click here.


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  1. Reinhard v. Deschwanden says:

    Well done, Shawn – thank you for this information about the minis!

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