The Re-Shoring of American Industry

There’s a quiet revolution underway.  After years of plant closures, outsourcing, and off-shoring, many U.S. companies are re-thinking the way they supply manufactured goods to the domestic market.   The surprising trend that’s emerging? Companies are bringing the production lines and the jobs back to U.S. soil.

The December 2012 issue of The Atlantic magazine contains two very interesting articles detailing the drivers behind this sea change in supply chain strategy.   Take a look at The Insourcing Boom and Mr. China Comes to America.

Automation is going to be a big part of this revived domestic manufacturing effort.  Those who can skillfully deploy sensors and cutting-edge control system architectures – to cost-effectively augment and support a high-productivity U.S. workforce – will find themselves on the winning side of this emerging 21st century economic story.

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