Distributed Modular I/O Demo on Demand!

Everyone likes things on demand right?  Movies, TV shows, chocolate, you name it.  My good friend, John Harmon, has prepared a YouTube video so that you have at your fingertips an on-demand presentation on Distributed Modular I/O.  It is a great overview of the available functionality of Distributed Modular I/O and what kinds of control products that are available utilizing this technology.  I realize the video is seven and a half minutes, which is pretty long for a web video, but I think he does an excellent job of keeping your attention and demonstrating the value of this technology.  Grab a soda and your favorite chocolate bar, put your phone on silent, and hit play on this excellent presentation.

Key takeaways from John’s presentation on Distributed Modular I/O

  • Utilizes the vendor neutral, non-proprietary, open system called IO-Link
  • Discrete I/O or Analog I/O can be easily integrated
  • Using parameters allows intelligent sensors to be swapped or programmed on the fly
  • Control valve manifolds from a variety of valve manufacturers
  • Scalability allows for any combination of I/O and expansion of the network device

If you would like more information about this technology, please download this free whitepaper on Distributed Modular I/O.

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