The Best Way to Communicate with Smart Sensors

When I am discussing with customers the use of smart sensors and smart devices in industrial automation, I always get posed with these questions:

  • How do the smart sensors interface with the controller?
  • How do you configure the device?
  • How do you get diagnostics out of it?
  • What other information can it provide?

This is sort of solved in a muddled world of proprietary communications or expensive network enabled sensors.  But John and I have been talking for a long time about IO-Link, which can easily and cost effectively answer all these questions!

IO-Link is getting more and more interest from automation professionals for a couple of reasons:

  • Open standard
  • Not tied to one controller or fieldbus brand
  • Configurable parameters allow for on-the-fly flexibility

I recently was asked to be a panelist on a webinar hosted by DesignNews; we discussed the advantages of smart sensor technologies, and specifically focused on IO-Link.

The topics covered in this webinar:

  • Smart Sensor Trends
  • Advantages of IO-Link for Smart Sensors
  • Why IO-Link versus Ethernet connectivity
  • Application Examples: smart sensors and other intelligent devices
  • Design Challenges
  • What the Future Holds

I encourage you to watch this 25-30min discussion (available on-demand) that clearly demonstrates many of the key benefits of smart sensor technologies.

Will Healy III is the Industry Marketing Director at Balluff Inc. in Florence, Kentucky and he is enthusiastic about smart manufacturing, automation and STEM education. Will graduated from Purdue University with a degree in mechanical engineering and has been sharing his passion for automation for more than 10 years in a variety of industries. He is published and quoted in various trade magazines, works as an industrial adviser for multiple universities and has widely presented on the value sensors, networking and IIoT bring to manufacturing.

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