Vision sensors conquer 1D and 2D barcode reading applications

2D barcode example

Written by: Andrew Bollinger

Many industries are trending toward the adoption and use of two-dimensional barcodes and readers. Thus the growth in popularity, acceptance of use, and the positive track record; 2D code readers offer a better way to track data.

2D vision sensing code readers have the following benefits:

  • Higher read rate performance
    – how reliably codes are read
  • Multi-directional code detection
    – regardless of orientation of the barcode new vision sensors go beyond the capabilities of laser scanners and older image based code readers
  • Simultaneous multiple code reads
    – read numerous 2D codes at the same time
  • 2D allows more information storage
    – with redundancy built-in
  • Image archiving
    – images (both good and bad) can be recorded and review
  • Barcode quality monitor
    – Analyses trends in quality to detect for code quality degradation

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Mark Sippel is the North American Product Marketing Manager for Object ID and Photoelectric sensors with Balluff NA.

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