How Ethernet Works… for Dummies

I recently watched a short webinar recorded by the PI North America organization and it really helped me understand the basics of how ethernet communication comes together.  There are so many protocols and standards and they all communicate on the same media.  Carl and Hunter do a good job presenting ethernet in a technical but easy to understand way.

The webinar is here.  Their topics include:

  • Ethernet: what is it and why use it?
  • What is the OSI/ISO model and how does it apply
  • What are the different ethernet standards (Ethernet, TCP, IP, UDP)
  • The differences between ethernet and industrial ethernet
  • Basics about: managed & unmanaged switches, routing, topologies and addressing

I personally found it useful because it helped me understand more about how our PROFINET and EtherNet/IP products communicate and how they will interact with the other ethernet protocols in a facility.

I recommend that you watch this webinar if you want to know more about the basics of ethernet communication.  If you are interested in learning even more, the PI organization offers FREE one day seminars on PROFINET all over the US.  Register for a seminar today.

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