Finding Good Machine Vision Resources Isn’t So Hard Anymore


Finding information that is not biased or a shrouded sales pitch for a companies products can sometimes be a difficult proposition in today’s open communication society. The world of machine vision is no exception. So when seeking un-biased information, sometimes it can seem like the deck is stacked against you.

Generally when I attempt to seek information regarding general sensor technologies like photoelectric or inductive based sensors, it seems all I can find is company’s web sites encouraging me to consider their products. That’s not necessarily bad if you know what you want or have narrowed down you search. But I have to say that when it comes to machine vision, we’re a little bit luckier. Over the last few years, the vision industry, which has always enjoyed a degree of independence from the rest of the sensor products market, has had better resources deployed by passionate individuals and organizations to address the technology and market. Possibly because I have been involved in this technology for a while, I have slowly built up a list of places I go to get information and views. So I decided why not share some of my sources in the hopes that you may benefit also. Below I have attempted to list some resources to check out and I hope if you have some favorites of your own, you will share also. I have tried to categorize them to help you understand the source better.

Associations or Networking sources:

Vision Systems Design
Automation World

Private Blogs:
Andy Wilson’s blog
B Grey’s blog
Aptura MV Solutions blog
Matt @ Cyth Systems blog

I’m certain these are only a few and I tried to show just the blogs not attached to product companies like my own. But if you have a source, like a blog, you think others can benefit from knowing about, feel free to add to this list.

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