NFPA 79 for AWM Cables in 2011


Since my first post on NFPA79  in relation to sensor cables was published, there have been more and more customers asking me for a statement of compliance.  So after much review, we decided to ask the professionals.  As a member of the NFPA you can call and talk to a document specialist to help you clarify the wording and how it applies to your exact situation.

During my conversations with them, I learned that a new revision of NFPA79 that will be released in 2011.   This version I hope will help clarify the concerns people have with the original wording “ Single conductor or multi-conductor Type AWM shall not be permitted.”  Most, if not all, sensor cables are built-in the Type AWM.

In my opinion, the in process version of the new language is a little more friendly:

12.9* Special Cables and Conductors
12.9.1  Other listed cables and conductors shall be permitted where identified as suitable for intended use.
12.9.2 Appliance Wiring Material shall be permitted under through  Where part of an assembly that has been identified for intended use. Where specified for use with approved equipment and used in accordance with the equipment manufacturer’s instructions. Where its construction meets all applicable requirements of sections 12.2-12.6
…and then it gets very into the details of the raw cable construction…

So hopefully now it should be easier to infer:
IF the cordset is UL listed
AND it is used in the proper and intended application
The cordset is NFPA79 compliant

What do you think?  Is this easier to understand?  Are you trying to implement NFPA79?  Are your customer’s asking for compliance?  I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

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