Sensors in Action – Automatic Size Changing

Written by: Andrew Bollinger

Opportunities for improvement are present wherever there is production of products. Within in the worlds of automation and manufacturing, industrial sensors have played a vital role in providing solutions and controlling various key functions.  Advancements in processes often require multiple technologies to be incorporated together to detect specific details of the production operation. The following is a list of proven examples of how industrial sensors have been instrumental in providing solutions.

Automatic Size Changing

Self-contained thru-beam sensors are used to detect product height differences and then based upon their results a linear position transducer accurately measures a conveyor’s guide rail movement for production line changeover. Watch the process in action here:


The following example illustrates how vision sensors used in conjunction with a retro-reflective photoelectric sensor can effectively monitor products on production lines.

Produce Line Changeover

Reducing downtime is one of the most effective ways packaging end-users can achieve profitability in today’s highly competitive marketplace by increasing throughput and reducing staffing.

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