Add Value with Smart Linear Position Sensors


Way back when (in the sensor world, “way back when” = about 10 years), linear position sensors had to do only one thing: provide linear position feedback.  But these days, merely sensing linear position is not always enough.  In order to meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated applications, linear position sensors sometimes need to be able to provide advanced functionality.  Listed below are just a few of the advanced features that some of today’s linear position sensors offer.

Field Configurability

Some linear position sensors allow the factory default parameters to be quickly and easily changed by the user, in the field.  Parameters such as working stroke range, output signal slope, and error value output can be tailored to meet the specific application requirements.

Built-in Diagnostics

Smart linear position sensors often feature on-board circuitry that can monitor operational status and signal the user if something goes wrong.  Status LED’s and error signals allow quick and easy identification of malfunctioning sensors and can help to minimize machine downtime.

Velocity Feedback

In addition to providing position feedback, some smart linear position sensors can internally calculate the linear velocity and provide an output signal based on that velocity, reducing processing overhead in the PLC or motion controller.

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