Print and Apply Sensing Solutions

Did you know that you can improve your production and label quality by adding sensors to your process?

Here’s a brief overview of how sensors can help you:
– Anticipate roll change-outs to improve run time
– Verify label composition and placement, reducing product rejection
– Increase application reliability and detect jams automatically to reduce waste


Print and Apply Labeling Machine

1.  Conveyor Speed Feedback – Determine conveyor speed and position with an inexpensive rotary magnetic encoder system.

2. Triggering the Process – Apply labels with precise timing and perform quality inspections by implementing a photoelectric sensor designed for the packaging and conveying equipment.

3.  Cylinder Position Detection – Monitor the position of the pad assembly using cylinder switches.  If the cylinder fails to extend or retract correctly, an alarm is generated.

4. Low Label Roll Detection – Detect label roll running low and alert the operator to change it using a background suppression photoelectric sensor.

5. Label on Pad Detection – Prevent label jams or missing labels with compact sensing heads and remote amplifiers.

6. Label Defects and Orientation – Verify both label orientation and print quality by using a vision sensor.

Watch the video below to see how Balluff helps Panther Industries improve their print and apply machine:


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